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Double Life Camp

Double Life Camp, 2022, Greece

Video, Interviews, Performance



It's personal research on how non-Ukrainians perceive the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and what should be done from an artistic perspective to spread more awareness about the War and its consequences for the World. It's about the hardly reconcilable feelings of the artist during her hedonistic life experience on a Greek island. The idea behind to show the challenging crisis of Ukrainian refugees that were forcibly relocated and need to redefine their comfort zone, to find their communities and support in different World parts.


The project was documented in June 2022 while the artist was in Descover Artist residency, Hydra island, Greece, and developed on six interviews with American, Australian, Canadian, and UK artists, photo materials, and a directed 7-min performance that was documented in the backyard of the residence.


Direction/Camera/Editor: Anna Semenova

Collaborators: Adrianne Dimitrakakis, Kira Allegra Heuer, Madison Hope Reid, Lorena Levi, Abi Rogers, Harriet Forster

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