Every Minute Motherland

Every Minute Motherland, 2022, Poland



The Russian-Ukrainian war became one of the biggest upheavals for Maciej Kuzminski, a Polish choreographer, and he decides to develop a dance performance to influence the perception of his audience. Maciej invites Ukrainian dancers to participate in their refugee experiences. The interaction between him and a Polish-Ukrainian crew leads to new thoughts, and feelings, which this work should be, and shows a viewer a path that they are going through together.

Choreography: Maciej Kuźmiński Dance Company

Assistant choreographer: Monika Witkowska

Dramaturg: Paul Bargetto

Performance & co-creation: Daria Koval, Anna Myloslavska, Vitaliia Vaskiv, Anastasia Ivanova, Monika Witkowska, Szymon Tur, Omar Karabulut, Judyta Pakulska (intern).

Production: Maciej Kuźmiński, Polina Bulat

Director/Cinematographer: Anna Semenova