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Anna Semenova - Visual Artist 

Body is a vessel of memories. Movement is a key to translating these memories. My mission is to draw attention to the mindfulness of dance movement practices and somatic methodologies for mental health.

Il n'y pas d'homme intérieur, l'homme est au monde
et c'est dans le monde qu'il se connaît.
Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Anna Semenova is an independent artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. Based in Montreal, Canada. Her main interests are people and how they deal with their traumas throughout their lives. Each new personal story helps discover the beauty and depth of human empathy, to uncover therapeutic methodology for the exact case that helps people become aware of their being.

Anna's practical photography and video editing skills help reveal three main components of human nature in her artworks: physical body, psychological behavior, and spirituality. She started taking pictures at 13 and is a self-taught photographer.

In 2019, she entered Minshar Art College in Tel Aviv, where she studied a course in documentary film production. She took on a wide range of projects related to lifestyle, fashion, commercial advertisement, and film production.

Recent collaborators and commissions:

ADIDAS Runner, LAVA 6, Yael Keila Sagi, Joseph Haver Eyewear, LILACH PNINA LIVNE, Sharon Brunsher, Gosia Mielech, Maciej Kuzminski Dance Company

Featured in:


HAARETZ, DAZED, C-Heads, Contributor, Voix Meets Mode, JUTE mag, and many more.



Minshar Art College in Tel Aviv, a Course in Documentary Film Production

2006 - 2010

Marketing, Kyiv National Economic University, BA

In Art Residency

2022 June

Descover Artist - Hydra, Greece




Body and objects - in collab with Ilana Seleznev - Jaffa Museum - Tel Aviv, Israel


Body Math - Coockoo Nest Gallery - Tel Aviv, Israel


Eve - Women exhibition - Susy Art Bay - Tel Aviv, Israel

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+380 68 772 63 30 (whatsapp)

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