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Body is a vessel of memories. Movement is a key to translating these memories. My mission is to draw attention to the mindfulness of dance movement practices and somatic methodologies for mental health.

Il n'y pas d'homme intérieur, l'homme est au monde
et c'est dans le monde qu'il se connaît.
Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Anna Semenova Kozak is an independent visual artist born in Kyiv. Photographer. Documentary Film Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer. Project Manager.

Anna has a strong interest in dance movement methodologies for personal and communal well-being. Her practical photography and video editing skills, curiosity, and experience as a witness of dance creation processes help reveal three main components of human nature in her artworks: physical body, psychological behavior, and spirituality.

She started taking photos at the age of 13 and is a self-taught photographer.


Anna has a BA in Marketing, from Kyiv National Economic University (2010). She entered Minshar Art College in Tel Aviv, where she studied a course in documentary film production (2020).


She took on a wide range of projects related to lifestyle, fashion, commercial advertisement, and film production. 

In 2022, she began her adventure as a director with the short dance documentary Fragments of Resilience. Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Anna moved to Canada in November 2022.


Recent collaborators and commissions:

ADIDAS Runner (Israel), LAVA 6 (Israel), Yael Keila Sagi (Israel), Joseph Haver Eyewear (Israel), LILACH PNINA LIVNE (Israel), Sharon Brunsher (Israel), Gosia Mielech (Poland), Maciej Kuzminski Dance Company (Poland), White Wall Studio (Montreal, Canada)

Featured in:

HAARETZ, DAZED, C-Heads, Contributor, Voix Meets Mode, JUTE mag, and many more.



Residency Descoverartists - Hydra Island, Greece


Film Residency project Klubzak, Gdansk, Poland

Residency project Przestrzenie Sztuki program Materia, Lodz, Poland


Grant for post production of a documentary film Zdunsla Wola Town Hall

WEsupport programme by NIMiT, Zdunska Wola, Poland


Film Residency project Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury & Krakow Choreographic Centre - Krakow, Poland


Research and creation - Residency Studio 303 - Montreal, Canada



Documentary film - Fragments of Resilience

25 min, Poland, Ukraine

Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Selected and screened:

2023 The International Festival of Films on Art (Le FIFA), Montreal, Canada

2023 East Doc Platform, the French Institute in Prague, Institute of Documentary Film

2023 Dance Festival DANCE 2023, Munich, Germany

2023 Dance Festival Tanztage Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany

2023 CREATIVE THINK TANK, Bremen, Germany


Photo exhibition - Body and objects

in collab with object designer Ilana Seleznev - Jaffa Museum - Tel Aviv, Israel


Group photo exhibition - Body Math 2019

Coockoo Nest Gallery - Tel Aviv, Israel


Group photo exhibition - EVE 2015

Susy Art Bay Gallery - Tel Aviv, Israel

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